Kobalt Xtreme Access 27 Piece Socket Set, Compact Set With Many Applications

By: Hal Jones

If you had just one socket set, the Xtreme Access Socket Set would be a good one to have. Combining the advantages of the ratcheting box end wrenches with the flexibility of sockets and the attachments available, Kobalt has neatly packaged a set of tools that would serve a homeowner’s needs in most instances. The pass through design of the ratchet and sockets allows the threaded portion of fasteners to slide inside of the socket and the ratchet.
Working with threaded rod adjustments on outdoor power equipment is a task that is often begun with a box end, or if you shelled out some serious dollars  for a ratcheting box end wrench set. But the most likely scenario, is switching from a box end wrench to a deep well socket and ratchet once the socket well will fit over the nut without slipping and rounding of the nut’s edges. The Kobalt Xtreme Access Socket set allows the user to simply attach the appropriate socket size to the Xtreme ratchet and slide the socket over the the threaded portion and loosen or tighten the fastener to achieve the desired result.Kobalt Xtreme Access 27 Piece Socket Set with Universal Spline Sockets and pass through technology
By attaching adapters the Xtreme Access retains the functionality of a traditional ratchet, allowing for the use of insert bits, and traditional sockets without pass through openings. For auto mechanics the pass through technology will allow users to access tight spaces and speed up fastener removal and tightening. The Xtreme sockets are engineered to fit both SAE and Metric fasteners, along with square and hex pattern screws. The Universal spline solution is a great idea for those needing to work with both metric and SAE fasteners without the added expense of sets dedicated specifically to each standard.


The Pass Through Technology of the Xtreme Ratchet can be Seen Here

For the hard core user, the Xtreme Access set is a great set to keep in your vehicle for those unexpected repairs. The Kobalt Xtreme Access 27 Piece Socket Set is compact and fits nicely in a trunk niche, yet the variety of tasks it can perform far exceeds its diminutive size. The Xtreme Access line of sockets and ratchets will be available in Lowe’s and as with all Kobalt products, the Xtreme Access line is covered by Kobalt’s Lifetime Guarantee.

For more coverage on the Xtreme Access Tools, see http://extremehowto.com/xtreme-access-tools-by-kobalt-universal-splines-and-pass-through-ratchet-technology/



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