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Fitting a Recycled Rubber Mat to Line Your Pickup Bed

By Larry Walton

My favorite truck bed mat starts as a multi-purpose sheet of recycled rubber and is most often referred to as a horse stall mat. It is very durable, keeps things from sliding around in the truck and provides a great cushion for knees. It can be easily removed for cleaning and it costs significantly less than many other bed lining treatments.

I buy mine at the local rubber and supply company where we also get air hoses, but you might have better luck at a farm and ranch supply store depending on your location. Mine started out at 5 ft x 8 ft x 1/2 inch so it can be cut to the shape of the cargo bed floor.

I bought this mat made of recycled tires. These are sometimes sold for horse stalls and cost about $85.00.

Start by measuring the length of the truck bed with the tailgate closed to make sure the mat won’t interfere with the tailgate operation.


Tape a marker to one handle of a pair of pliers to act as a divider/compass for scribing the shape of the fender wells on heavy paper.


I used a utility knife blade to cut out the template. (An actual utility knife would be better, and scissors better yet, but I used what I had.)


Test the template and make adjustments before using it on the mat.


After tracing the template onto the mat, use a jigsaw with a regular wood-cutting blade to cut out the shape of the truck bed.


I place the mat in the truck and position it before making some final adjustments to the corner details.


The finished mat fits the truck bed nicely and provides a skid-proof surface that protects the truck’s paint and my knees.

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