Rolling on a New Garage Floor

Lindsey Wiese knew exactly what she wanted to do with her garage after moving into her new Austin, Texas home. Before household boxes, bikes and bins started cluttering the garage, she decided to have DaiHard® 100 epoxy coating applied to the floor.

“I wanted the garage floor to look as nice as the rest of the house,” says Wiese, the author of the Joie de Vivre blog. “Applying the coating gives it a ‘finished out,’ customized appearance.”

Cost Effective Finish

After getting professional quotes for refinishing her garage floor that “made her head spin,” Wiese selected the economical DaiHard 100 Industrial Strength Epoxy Floor Kit. Priced under $100, each kit covers 250 square feet of space. For her project, Wiese used three kits in the tan coloring. So, instead of paying thousands of dollars, the cost of her floor was just under $300.

“We found this Daich Coatings product is far superior to other DIY garage floor epoxy kits on the market,” says Wiese. “We were really unhappy with a product we used years ago on the garage floor in a former home. With DaiHard, we could immediately tell the difference in the thickness of the resin and in the glossiness of the finish.

“The added bonus is that the DaiHard surface is not slippery at all. We know people who invested in pricey garage floors that are very slippery. I’m not sure how Daich Coatings did it, but we have that high-gloss sheen without the slip risk. Plus, I love that I can run out to the garage in my bare feet and not track in dust from an unfinished concrete surface!”

Tips for Success

According to Wiese, who wrote about the resurfacing of the garage floor in her blog, preparation and patience are key.

“Getting the floor really clean before starting is essential,” says Wiese. “This means power washing and getting up all the dirt. We reviewed the prep materials from Daich Coatings carefully before starting the project.”

Wiese chose to have her painter handle the garage floor project since he had an electric floor scrubber machine and a power washer. After applying the DaiHard coating, he used an air gun sprayer to apply an even coating of the vinyl flakes.

“The product is so thick, and dries ultra-glossy,” says Wiese. “One coat is truly all you need. As a new homeowner, I found that the DaiHard 100 kit was the perfect solution for finishing off our garage.”

DaiHard 100

Unlike weaker water-based epoxies, DaiHard is a “100% solids” epoxy formula that withstands heavy-duty forklift traffic – but at a cost similar to common water-based offerings.  Available in gray or tan, DaiHard can be easily tackled as a DIY project by homeowners.

Once applied to a clean surface — using a standard paint roller or squeegee applicator — the industrial strength epoxy coating locks onto interior concrete floors with exceptional adhesion capabilities, impact and abrasion resistance.

The low-odor, zero VOC epoxy delivers professional-grade, heavy-duty performance on all types of concrete surfaces, including garage and workshop floors, laundry rooms, basements, cellars and more.

Daich Coatings epoxy floor coatings, sealers, primers and decorative concrete products are available online at The Home Depot®, Home Hardware and

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