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Tool Reviews

  • Innovation Over The Years Built On A Tradition of Quality

    Tool Reviews, Tools February 10, 2016 Sonia

    Channellock E series E348CB 0001

                    Innovation can take many forms. For serious DIY’ers, innovation may mean a new project or a new way to solve a problem. For those who make the tools that are used for those projects, innovation could be a new type of tool, or the process in which they are manufactured. Innovation could […]

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  • Handy Hand Tools for the DIY’er

    Tool Reviews, Tools February 2, 2016 Sonia


                  By Matt Weber Pliers, wrenches, screwdivers and more … You own them, you rely on them, and you know how to use them. And tool-makers are always striving to make them just a little bit better. Here’s some of the latest advancements in hand tools for the DIY’er. Crescent Quick Convert Nut Driver […]

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  • Jigsaw Evolution

    Saws, Tool Reviews, Tools January 11, 2016 Sonia

    Jigsaw Evolution

                    By Matt Weber Jigsaws are lightweight, easy to use and extremely versatile. To some degree, a jigsaw can perform the duties of a band saw, a scroll saw and even a circular saw. Use it to make cut-outs in wallboard, notch flooring around a corner, or rough-cut large pieces of plywood before […]

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  • Holiday Gift Ideas

    Tool Reviews December 8, 2015 Sonia

    Christmas gift box and fir tree branch on wooden table. View with copy space

                    Everybody likes gifts, both giving and receiving, and serious DIY’ers are partial to tools and gadgets. Treat the home-improver in your life with a new item for their equipment collection, and you’ll be sure to put a smile on their face—and maybe reap the bonus reward of getting some work done around […]

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  • Selecting the Correct Pliers for the Job

    Tool Reviews, Tools November 23, 2015 Sonia

    channellock 369 Linemens wide angle

                      Knowledgeable tradesmen and serious DIY’ers know that a quality pair of pliers goes a long way toward getting a job done. They rely on their pliers to hold up under grueling conditions and applications. Many consumers may not realize that there are many types of pliers for just as many uses—some […]

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  • Handy Fasteners for Home Improvement

    Hot Products, Tool Reviews November 17, 2015 Sonia


                      By Tom Matthews Your home-improvement project is only as strong as the fasteners that hold it together. From nails and screws to innovative metal hardware, here’s a look at some common solutions as well as some of the latest developments in those unsung heroes of house construction. Coated Fasteners Today’s exterior […]

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