Let’s Get Creative with Solid Surface Materials

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Let’s start with some basics here; Corian® is a man-made, solid-surface material with a wide variety of uses, including countertops, sinks, modular walls, furniture, and lighting. It is strong, stain-resistant and easy to care for. Should any accidental damage occur, it does not need to be replaced or discarded but instead can be restored to its full beauty. It has been certified as a “green” material that has no adverse impact on indoor air quality. It has several advantages over other countertop materials such as granite and other natural stones, namely:

  • Can be less expensive
  • More durable
  • Easier to install
  • Comes in many colors and textures
  • Lends itself to creative versatility
  • Requires no sealants
  • Seams disappear
  • NSF/ANSI 51 certified safe for food contact
  • Non-porous and does not support bacterial growth

The DIY community is increasingly recognizing the versatility of Corian® and including it in their kitchen and bathroom designs. Here are some examples that will inspire.


Modern Comfort with a Victorian Look

The London-based architect MWAI used modern materials to transform a Victorian apartment into a modern home. Corian surfaces that resemble richly-textured marble are contrasted with bright copper that looks like antique brass.


Thistle “Tattoo” Decorates Hi Tech Surface

The Scottish firm Keppie Design created a stunning Corian® masterpiece for the lobby of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency offices in Aberdeen. Requiring precision craftsmanship and installation, the solid Corian® surface of the reception desk has been permanently ‘tattooed’ with a thistle pattern that blooms upward, under an alcove and over to the top of the desk.


Design with Corian® Reflects Corporate Identity

Richard Keating, architect, and MASHstudios designed a sophisticated, big-in scope, workspace for Jacobs, to reflect that company’s reputation as a high-tech engineering firm. It features a challenging white-on-white palette with seamless construction – no joints, screws or splits in the material. Each component is one solid piece of Corian®, formed, shaped and finished to a high gloss.


Project Win’s Australia’s Corian® Residential Wild Card Award

A project by Bijl Architecture, in collaboration with AR-MA, in a suburb of Sydney, demonstrates a boldly innovative use of Corian®. Corian® wall panels are juxtaposed alongside a custom cantilevered stairway, creating a compelling centerpiece for the residence. The wall installation needed to be sturdy as well as beautiful and meet the demands of the design. Corian® provided these specifications and also the needed aesthetic qualities. The fine lines which form the design were cut with a specially developed tool to produce particular angles and effects. The large skylights bring light onto the wall which changes during the day and illuminates the unique, endlessly fascinating surface.


Pink Fashion Store is in the Pink

Pink, the Klagenfurt, Austria, store, presents international fashion labels on two vast floors and focuses on quality. The sophisticated shop design, developed by Inform, features sales counters made with translucent Corian® in the Strawberry Ice color. The design is integrated with the shop’s name and, thanks to the translucency of Corian®, the backlit interiors gain a special atmosphere during the evening hours.


Corian® for Your Design Project

SolidSurface.com has a wide variety of Corian® sheet material and vanity tops to suit your needs.

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Bathtub in corian Faucet and shower in tiled bathroom with windows towards garden


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