Repair a Carpet Bubble

A “bubble” in wall-to-wall carpet is an area of the rug that lifts above the subfloor and creates unsightly hills or ridges in the finished surface. It can cost around $200 per room to have the carpet professionally re-stretched to eliminate these bubbles. However, there’s a simple method to repair the carpet that is much less expensive and takes only a few minutes to complete. All you need is a bottle of carpet-seam glue, a large syringe, pliers and a towel.

carpet 1

First, analyze the lay of the carpet throughout the room to locate all areas of loose carpet that need to be repaired. Purchase enough carpet-seam adhesive to address the square footage you require.

carpet 2

The adhesive we selected had its coverage quantified in linear feet (165 ft./8-oz. bottle), so you’ll probably have to estimate the amount you’ll need. To apply the glue we used a large syringe, just like the ones used to inject marinade into your Thanksgiving turkey.carpet 3

First step is to draw glue into the syringe. Despite this photo, we quickly realized that removing the nozzle and drawing from the open container was a much easier way to load the syringe because air could enter the bottle.carpet 4

Use pliers to gently lift the carpet off the subfloor at the midpoint of the bubble. Pierce the carpet with the syringe and angle the tip toward the edge of the bubble. Depress the plunger and rotate the syringe so the glue is applied in a circular pattern, covering as much of the loose carpet area as possible. As you empty the syringe, draw the needle partially out of the carpet so the glue contacts the center of the bubble as well as the periphery.

carpet 5

Working from the center outward, press the carpet firmly into the adhesive and spread the glue beneath the carpet. If you have a laminate roller or rolling pin, then put it to work.

carpet 6

Place a flat weight over the repair to provide clamping force while the adhesive sets. Heavy boxes, books, free weights, anything will work as long as it presses the carpet into the glue. Keep pressure on the glue according to the adhesive manufacturer’s recommended drying time.

Repeat this process for all areas of the floor that show signs of bubbling. This repair is fast, cheap and easy.

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