Squeeek No More Floor Repair Kit

Squeeek No More Kit

The Squeeek No More kit is designed to stop floor squeaks from above the floor by going safely through the carpet, hardwood, or vinyl. The kit works on all carpets even berber!

In 1993, O’Berry Enterprises developed the Squeeek No More kit as an innovative solution to an annoying household problem. This kit solves your squeaky floor problems without the cost of expensive floor repairs. For several years now, the Extreme How-To staff has used and continues to use this kit to fix squeaky floor issues. We highly recommend owning this kit.

The Squeeek No More kit has 50 screws that are scored one inch from the head and coated with a special wax that allows the screw to safely pass through the carpet. The tooling, a tripod fixture and driver bit, drives the screw safely through the carpet stopping the score on the screw slightly below the wood of the floor. Then with the tripod fixture you snap the head of the screw off. The screw thread then holds the floor to the joist without having any part of the screw sticking up that you could walk on. The kit also includes 2 joist finding tools. You use these to quickly and accurately find the joist from above the floor.

You can purchase the kit along with a complete assortment of replacement screws and parts at squeeeknomore.com/shop

Check out these new videos for all the information on how to use the Squeeek No More Kit:

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