Bigfoot Systems Footing Forms

Bigfoot Sytems footing forms

The best footing tube base & pier footing tubes available today are made by Bigfoot Systems®. The Bigfoot team has been in the construction business for many years and has developed a variety of Bigfoot products for all your construction needs.

Rigid plastic footing forms are alternatives to conventional forming methods for concrete pier footings. These types of piers are quicker and less expensive to install. The installation for the rigid plastic footing forms is similar to that for conventionally wooden formed footings, but with fewer steps and without the labor and resources necessary to construct wooden form. Typically, modifications to the form itself are made first, such as adjusting the top opening size to match the diameter of the construction tube for the connected pier and then attaching the construction tube to the footing form with screws.

Bigfoot’s 12” plastic tube (BFT12) delivers a simple, yet dependable way to build footings. Ground water or rain poses no threat to our Bigfoot tubes. The tapered plastic design prevents uplift from frost and high velocity winds.

The BFT12 meets or exceeds all Local and National Building Codes when used with a Bigfoot Systems® Footing Form. It measures 12” by 4’ and can be used with Bigfoot Models BF28 or BF36.

The BFT10 quickly took off as contractors and do-it-yourselfer’s like the idea of having the security of their tube not breaking down and collapsing from ground water, rain or wet soil as well as the added protection from frost heave the BFT10 offers due to its tapered design and slick surface.

The 12” plastic tube (BFT12). The BFT12 has the same design as the 10” tube and works with both the BF28 and BF36 model Bigfoot. With the BFT12 addition to our product line we are confident we have the most complete pier foundation footing form system on the market with 4 different size Bigfoot accepting 7 different size cardboard tubes and 2 sizes of the most commonly used plastic tubes.

Visit the Bigfoot Systems website to browse the product line to learn more about allowable gravity loads each model will withstand. This will help you choose the footing that is right for your residential, light commercial or industrial applications. For more info, go to

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