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  • Inverter Generators for DIY’ers and More

    Generators November 13, 2017 Sonia

    The rise of invertor generators brings several advantages to the DIY market for portable power supplies. Inverter generators utilize a different type of alternator than standard generators to generate very clean AC power. The inverter technology reduces the generator’s size and weight, but more importantly, the engine can run at varying speeds, significantly reducing the noise levels and fuel consumption. […]

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  • Choose the Right Size Generator

    Generators February 19, 2015 Sonia

    By Matt Weber Selecting the right generator should be a balancing act. You’ll need adequate electricity to power your equipment arsenal, with greater output required to run large appliances or multiple tools simultaneously. High-power generators, however, cost more to purchase and require more room for storage due to the larger unit size, so there’s no need to invest in the […]

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