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Garage Gear 2016

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By Matt Weber

The garage: built to shelter vehicles but used for a little of everything. Whether your garage serves as a mechanic’s workshop, a storage shed, or your home-improvement headquarters, there is plenty of equipment to help you decorate the place, organize the area, and work more efficiently. Check out all the new products we’ve come across.


Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener GD200

The Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener has a powerful 2HP motor that will quietly open and close large doors with ease due to faster openings. With a motion-controlled overhead LED light, the opener has a selectable duration control so you are never left in the dark. Even in power outages, this unit is compatible with the Ryoby ONE+ system, and is battery-backup ready for over 100 openings using a Ryobi ONE+ 4Ah Battery (sold separately). For added control, the Ryobi opener is compatible with HomeLink and is Wi-Fi connectable. It comes with a multifunctional wall control, wireless keypad, two remotes, safety sensor and a downloadable app to control and monitor you garage door remotely. You can also optimize the Ryobi Garage Door Opener Module System. Add any of the great plug and play modules to power, cool, alert, park assist and rock out. Visit


Garage Laser Park Assist Module GDM222

Building upon the company’s Garage Door Opener Module System, Ryobi introduces the Park Assist Module compatible with the Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener (GD200). Two ultra-bright, Class Two lasers activate when your garage door opens to help guide you to park the right distance from the wall or other amenities in your garage. Get more control over your unit by downloading the Ryobi Garage Door Opener App to program personalized settings. The module is easy to install to the GD200 Ryobi garage door opener. Visit


Garage 16Ga 30ft. Retractable Cord Reel GDM330

Another option of Ryobi’s GD200 Garage Door Opener Module System is the Garage Retractable Cord Reel Module. Tired of your extension cords getting stuck under your tires? This cord hangs overhead from the Garage Door Opener (GD200) and extends up to 30 ft. with 3 outlets. When you are finished using it, the cord reel retracts back into the unit. Features include an adjustable auto-stop for varying height and a downloadable app to make personalized settings. Visit

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gar 8AlligatorBoard

AlligatorBoard from Syr-Tech is a unique metal pegboard manufactured to the highest standards from heavy-duty, 20-gauge steel. Stronger and more durable than ordinary pegboard, it comes in multiple sizes of panels, strips and shelves. It’s compatible with standard pegboard hardware and quickly and efficiently organizes garages, workshops, utility rooms and more. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, the metal pegboard won’t rust, and the galvanized line is magnetic. AlligatorBoard has special reinforced dimpled holes, and will hold up to 90 lbs. when mounted on studs. The built-in 5/8-in. flanges let you mount directly to any wall with clearance for tool hooks. Plus, open corners make it easy to run speaker wire or extension cords behind mounted panels. AlligatorBoard is available in several finishes—galvanized steel, eight powder-coated steel colors and stainless steel, and the finish even includes such details as color-coordinated mounting screws to match the paint finish. Visit