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Wrapping Up the Week of October 1, 2010, Gulf Synthetics New Polymer Coatings for Decking, Cement Flooring and More..

Unbelievable how fast this week flew by.  Much of my time was spent overseeing the move of our web hosting from one service to DataPerk here in Birmingham, Alabama. Very little time for home improvement projects, and having the days get shorter has really cut into my testing this week. However, the move should make your experience here better. Extreme with its half million visitors each month was using more bandwidth than the previous company allowed and for the past few months Chad Gillikin, EHT Publisher and I have felt like we were driving a Ferrari in a one horse town where the sheriff didn’t like our family and took every opportunity to fine us for excessive bandwidth, and the internet equivalent of DUI, Database Use Invoked over the limit.

One interesting meeting we had this week was to see Gulf Synthetics Composite Polymers demonstrated for Chad, Jeremy Hollingsworth, Associate Publisher, EHT, Matt Weber, Editor-in-Chief and Myself.  This is a cool product and we see it having a major impact on deck renovators, marinas and other applications where heavy use requires a finish that is durable and protective. The UDF-21 product caught my eye.  Here is a product that can renovate decking made of Pressure Treated Lumber, composites and several other materials. I liked its ability to secure down splintered wood as well as its properties of breathablility with water-proofing. Think Gore-Tex fabric and that is the same principle. Water droplets are held out, while water vapor can escape.  We look forward to testing Gulf Synthetic’s products and we will keep you informed.

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