Wolmanized® Wood “U” Learning Series

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Our friends at Arch Wood Protection Inc. have rolled out an educational program designed to address the wood-treatment process and proper use of preserved wood products. Wolmanized® Wood University will feature how-to videos, as well as printed and online materials, that focus on how treated wood is made and its intended uses. Additional content covers how to identify properly treated wood, how to build decks and other outdoor projects properly, how to revitalize a pressure-treated deck and to identify potential problems in aging decks.

Arch residential brands include Wolmanized® Outdoor® wood, which is pressure-treated with copper azole preservative, and Wolmanized EraWood® lumber, preserved with a metal-free preservative. Initially Wolmanized® Wood University will focus on these brands but the series will eventually be expanded to include industrial, fire retardant, and surface protection products.

Erin Canosa, global director of marketing for Arch, explains the rationale behind the educational series: “Since 2003, when our industry voluntarily withdrew marketing and distribution of chromated copper arsenate, known as CCA, from the consumer marketplace, a host of new preservatives have entered the market, all with varying retentions, fastener requirements and other characteristics. Unfortunately, this influx of new products and different chemistries has added confusion to the marketplace. Now more than ever before, it’s critical that preserved wood is treated and used properly. Since our company and its forerunners pioneered wood preserving more than a century ago and have led technological developments over the decades, we are uniquely qualified to develop and present this educational series.”

The online portion of Wolmanized® Wood University is now live at www.wolmanizedwoodu.com.

Here’s an example of the educational materials your can expect to find:

wolm Fenc-with-callouts

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