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Will I have to leave that Old Spray Nozzle in place if I Swap Faucets?

DIY Questions and Answer November 17, 2016 Sonia

Q: I want to install a new faucet that has a hidden hose for the spout to double as a spray nozzle. My old two-handle faucet has both the primary spout and a separate hose nozzle. Will I have to leave that old spray nozzle in place if I swap faucets?

A: No, you can usually replace your three-hole setup with a two-hole faucet and use a “deck plate” to conceal the hole of the old spray nozzle. (In some cases you can even install a soap dispenser in the third hole.) When purchasing the new sink, be sure to check the contents of the package to make sure such a deck plate is included. If it’s not, you might need to order the deck plate separately from the faucet.