Whizzing Around the Yard with an Agri-Fab Clean-Sweep Yard Sweeper

Fall is almost here and the leaves are already beginning to loosen their grip getting ready for their annual fall to the yard, the driveway, the pool and anywhere else but the compost pile where they belong.  If you are tired of raking, maybe its time you got yourself a tow behind sweeper for your lawn or garden tractor.  Agri-Fab makes the Clean Sweep model that is the favorite among consumers with its many unique features.  Standard sweepers do a great job, but if you are mowing grass with a side discharge you will have to sweep the yard after you have finished cutting. Agri-Fab has an offset arrangement, so that the tow-bar can be moved to the side where the grass discharges, usually the right side, but there is also an attachment point on the left side.  Be sure and use the non-discharge side to cut along the edges to avoid running the sweeper into objects. Frankly, most of you do this already in order to get a closer cut to edging and etc by avoiding the discharge chutes bumping into items.

The Clean Sweep worked great as long as I stayed within the recommended speed setting. If I went to fast, the brushes could eject the leaves and nuts over the catcher.  Adjusting the brushes to the correct height only took a few seconds using the push button brush height adjustment. Other notable features are the dump from the tractor seat feature that allows you to grab the dump handle with one hand and lift while pulling forward. The grass and leaf catcher raises and with a few shakes your collection of leaves is emptied into your compost pile or any other place where you can drive your garden tractor.  I pulled the Clean-Sweep with our John Deere 145, an average size lawn tractor and sweeping the yard may have taken 15 minutes.

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