Where are the best places to keep a fire extinguisher around the home?

Q: Where are the best places to keep a fire extinguisher around the home?

A: If you can reach a fire extinguisher within 6 seconds of the start of a fire, you can put it out in its early stages. With 65 percent of fires starting in the kitchen, it is the most important room to locate a fire extinguisher. Most kitchen fires involve grease and can’t be put out with water, so a Class K extinguisher is necessary because it is designed specifically to put out fires fueled by vegetable or animal oils and fats. It should be located about 30 feet from the stove, as long as it’s easily accessible from the kitchen. Every floor of the home needs a fire extinguisher wall-mounted in a central location about 4 to 5 feet above the ground, stored in plain view. Other places to consider locating a fire extinguisher include the garage or workshop, where flammable or combustible materials are kept. The dryer in your basement or laundry room is another likely place for a fire to start. And don’t forget the patio/grill area and other sources of heat, including fireplaces, chimneys, furnaces and wood stoves.

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