What are the advantages of using milk paint on furniture?

Q: What are the advantages of using milk paint on furniture?

A: Milk paint is a water-based paint with the main ingredient, case in, a  milk protein, commonly sold  in powder form. Used for  thousands of years, milk  paint is extremely durable  and is very safe and non-toxic once applied. When mixed with water, milk paint grants more control over a finishing project than standard latex- or oil-based paints. It can be used either as paint or as a dye (wash), depending on the amount of water in the mix. The wash allows wood details to show through the finish and can be protected with  a finishing product such as varnish or oil. Milk paint can also be used to give a project a worn antique finish (such as cracks) by varying the paint thickness, or by using a crackling medium. It will not flake off or peel and it allows a wide variety of effects. The biggest advantage of milk paint is its “antiquing” ability, which can highlight the wood’s grain and textures.

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