Wagner ProCoat painting System Gets The Job Done on Larger Paint Jobs

By: Hal Jones

It seems like every few years I find myself on a ladder painting a house exterior.  Years ago in college I would make extra money painting friends houses, those were the brush and roller days and effective paint sprayers were the tools of commercial painting operations.  However in recent years several manufacturers have introduced painting systems that are between the smaller airless cup painters and the larger commercial painters. Wagner’s ProCoat system falls into this category and for the homeowner who encounters larger painting projects, the ProCoat is a viable choice.

In many ways the ProCoat operates similar to one of the larger commercial systems. It uses remote pickup as seen in the photos and the unit is primed and cleaned using the same procedures as a larger airless system. The unit uses a 25 foot hose connected to a spray gun that is capable of delivering sufficient paint to cover large areas in a short time.  If you are accustomed to using the cup sprayers or even paint brushes, you will be surprised at the light weight of the gun.

In corners we suggest using a shield to keep over-spray from getting on adjoining areas and we highly recommend covering areas with drop cloths.  While painting outside be sure and cover nearby plants to prevent paint mist from getting on greenery.  These sprayers put out a lot of paint fast, which will speed up painting those large areas.  The other benefit to spraying is coverage, spray works its way into areas that are difficult for brushes and rollers to reach.  One of the methods we use when spraying is to back roll the areas immediately after spraying this seems to help the paint get a better grip on the old surface and also eliminates any runs from areas where you may have sprayed too thick of a coating.

So if you are looking for a way to make those larger paint jobs go fast, try Wagner’s ProCoat System.

Online Editor Hal Jones using the Wagner ProCoat to shoot Behr Ultra

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