U.S. Cities with the Highest Home Maintenance Service Costs

A recent study has identified the U.S. cities with the highest home maintenance repair and installation costs, with Seattle emerging as the most expensive. 


The study, carried out by home warranty experts Cinch Home Services, investigated average appliance repair, installation, plumbing work, and faucet installation costs in the two most populated cities of each U.S. state. By determining the average service cost of every city, the study could then rank them by affordability. 


Seattle, Washington, has the highest average service cost at $366.50. This includes the most expensive average plumbing work in the nation at $520, 35% higher than the national average, with prices reaching as high as $1,500. Appliance installation in Seattle also averages $290, repairs cost $238, and faucet installation sits at $418.

  • The national average for maintenance service costs sits at $247.72.

U.S. Cities with the Highest Home Maintenance Service CostsU.S. Cities with the Highest Home Maintenance Service Costs

Following Seattle, Grand Rapids, Michigan, has the second-highest average service cost at $322. Interestingly, Grand Rapids has the most affordable appliance repair costs within the study at $133, which is 32% lower than the national average. However, it also has the highest average price for faucet installation at $444, although prices can vary between $277 and $444. Similarly, plumbing work averages $408 in Grand Rapids, while appliance installation costs $304.


Dover, Delaware, revealed a high average cost for appliance installation at $432, nearly 49% more expensive than Seattle. Faucet installation averages $267, plumbing work sits at $409, and appliance repair is $169. This totals the average service cost in Dover to approximately $319.25, placing the city in third place.


Spokane, Washington, joins Seattle on the list of costlier cities for home maintenance, averaging $303.75 per service. Faucet installation can be as expensive as $974, while the average cost sits at $298. Similarly, plumbing work averages $472, appliance repair costs $204 and repair maintenance costs $211.


Honolulu, Hawaii, rounds out the top five most expensive cities for home maintenance, averaging $301.00 per service. It holds the second-highest plumbing costs in the study at $472, $48 cheaper than Seattle. Appliance repair costs in Honolulu are also the second highest, at $234. The average price for appliance installation is $200, and faucet installation costs $298.


The top ten for highest average service costs are Salt Lake City and West Valley City, Utah, both ranking together at $284.25; Denver, Colorado, at $277.75; Charleston, South Carolina, at $274.25; Louisville, Kentucky, at $274.00; and Columbia, South Carolina, at $265.50.


Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for Cinch Home Services said: “This study highlights the value of budgeting for homeownership, considering both preventative measures and potential repair costs. Regular maintenance, like cleaning appliances and checking for leaks, can help identify minor issues before they become expensive problems. For some homeowners, DIY repairs on smaller tasks can be a cost-effective option, but it’s crucial to assess the complexity and match it to your skillset realistically.” 


“Ultimately, setting aside emergency funds for preventative maintenance and potential repairs empowers homeowners to make informed decisions and navigate the varying costs of keeping a house in good shape.”

Editor’s note: Many thanks to Cinch Home Services for for compiling and analyzing the data in this study.

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