Top Contractors Share Insights on Outdoor Trends for 2024

Deckorators 2024 Outdoor Living Trends

Deckorators®, a leading brand of UFP Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: UFPI), released its annual Outdoor Living Report, featuring insights and commentary from expert contractors on the top outdoor design trends for 2024.

The 2024 Report, developed based on consultations with Deckorators’ extensive contractor network throughout the year, focuses on what homeowners have been requesting most for their outdoor spaces, including functional design, regional color trends, and more.

Deckorators 2024 Outdoor Living Trends

“Our experts are seeing homeowners prioritize a balance of form and function. It’s all about creating a flexible-use space full of elements that enhance the enjoyment of the outdoor experience,” says Michelle Hendricks, Deckorators Category Marketing Manager. “Our mission at Deckorators is to push the boundaries of what’s possible in outdoor living spaces, and help homeowners bring their ideas to life.”

As a longtime leader and innovator in the outdoor living marketplace, Deckorators provides high-quality decking, railing, and outdoor accessory products that blend durability with style. Many of the project examples referenced in the 2024 Outdoor Living Report feature decking powered by Deckorators Surestone™ technology, newly re-introduced for 2024. Crafted with crushed limestone, Surestone™ mineral-based composite technology reduces heat, offers an industry-best strength-to-weight ratio, and has virtually no thermal expansion or contraction.

Trend highlights from the 2024 Outdoor Living Report include:

  1. Functional Design: Homeowners are looking to utilize their outdoor spaces for multiple purposes, and in all kinds of weather, from season to season. Flexible-use zones throughout the deck are becoming a design standard, revealing a trend toward maximizing utility and prioritizing spatial flow.
  2. Cocktail Rails: Signifying a shift away from the structured dining table, the recent spike in bar rail additions frees up space on the deck and creates additional opportunities for socializing.
  3. Monochrome Moment: Homeowners’ preferences for deck colors are becoming more minimalistic, opening up more opportunities for pops of color and texture elsewhere that can be easily updated with changing trends.
  4. Privacy Walls and Shade Structures: These features make the outdoor experience more comfortable, offering seclusion from neighbors and protection from the elements. Privacy walls commonly serve dual purpose, incorporating entertainment centers and greenery.
  5. Heaters and Fire Features: Homeowners are challenging the seasonality of their outdoor spaces with heated elements, whether it be the sleek, discreet warmth of outdoor heaters or the eye-catching ambience of a central fireplace.
  6. Dock Upgrades: Waterfront spaces are evolving to include upgraded elements that encourage gathering and connection.
  7. Outdoor Kitchens: Homeowners are treating the outdoor kitchen as a place for both cooking and camaraderie, showing increased interest in upgrades such as extended counter space and built-in appliances.
  8. Designer/Homeowner Collaboration: Overall, homeowners are showing more interest in being involved in the outdoor design process, from start to finish.

Commentary on the report from the Deckorators®  network of Certified Pro Contractors:

  • Joe Hagen of All Decked Out in Ohio, on incorporating outdoor heaters in the Midwest: “Electric heaters are very popular in our area. We recommend adding heaters to nearly any roof structure, because you’re able to enjoy the space an extra three months out of the year. I think it’s worth it on every project.”
  • Catherine Lippincott of Premier Outdoor Living in New Jersey, on the recent shift toward monochromatic decking palettes: “We find that a lot of clients want to bring the project to life with more textures, mixed materials, and greenery instead of really bold color choices. A lot of people are moving more towards neutrals for something that’s muted and not super loud.”
  • Jason Varney of Dock & Deck in Tennessee, on the growing interest in multi-functional spaces: “Homeowners want their outdoor living spaces to be used in every application. If they’re going to make that investment, they want to be able to cook there, to sit there after dinner and enjoy a fire, to be able to watch TV outside – they want to do everything. These days, there’s almost nothing that can’t be done outside.”
  • Jonathan Moeller of Colorado Custom Covers & Decks in Colorado, on the utility of a spiral staircase: “Going with a spiral staircase really cuts down on a lot of the room that a regular staircase takes up, especially going down to the yard.”
  • Sean Collinsgru of Premier Outdoor Living in New Jersey, on the popularity of outdoor kitchens: “Nearly everyone who contacts us recently has been requesting an outdoor kitchen in some capacity. And people are putting a lot more thought into those kitchen areas. On some projects, it feels like we’re designing an interior kitchen for our clients, because they really dial into every appliance, every little detail.”
  • Leif Wirtanen of Cascade Fence & Deck in Washington, on color preferences in the Pacific Northwest: “We used to do a lot of grays; that was the popular mix for a while. This year, we’re doing a lot more brown. We still do a lot of projects with a different colored accent board, but a lot of customers are wanting the same color accent board as their field board for more of a minimalistic look.”

Download a copy of the report here.

The annual Outdoor Living Report represents Deckorators’ ongoing commitment to remain at the forefront of the evolving outdoor industry while continuing to support its loyal network of consumers and contractors. By providing informative insights, design ideas, and the high-quality products that make it all possible, Deckorators is proud to help today’s outdoor living projects reach their full potential. For more info, visit

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