Tips & Tricks for Construction Adhesive

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Trim Work: When it comes to installing exterior molding and trim, a simple way to save time and money is to use a quality construction adhesive to fasten the work pieces. For both wood and expanded PVC products, using fewer metal fasteners in favor of a product such as Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive has a number of benefits:

• Fewer touch-ups required, from filling nail holes to painting the filler, enabling you to finish the job faster.
• Fewer places for water to seep in, so there’s a decreased chance of mold in exterior trim
• More attractive, longer-lasting results, so you (or your customers) are satisfied with the finished product

For best results and optimal open time, the experts at Liquid Nails suggest applying the adhesive at temperatures between 30° F and 85° F (and always to a clean, dry surface).

Outdoor Building: Exterior projects like a garden trellis or fence can succumb to loose fasteners that lose holding power over time, resulting in boards pulling away from the structure. Applying construction adhesive at the joints can provide a rock-solid connection. Adhesive can also help keep water from seeping in at the fasteners, preventing unsightly rust and inhibiting wood rot.

Soundproofing Walls. To prevent airborne sound transmission, you can retrofit existing drywall walls with a combination of Liquid Nails Acoustical Sound Sealant and an additional layer of 1/4-in. drywall. To do so, the experts at Liquid Nails recommend first applying a 1/4-in. bead of Sound Sealant where the existing drywall meets both the floor and the ceiling. Next, seal around all seams, openings and outlets where air (and sound) may pass through. Install the second layer of 1/4-in. drywall, supplementing screws with Liquid Nails Drywall Adhesive. (This specialized wall adhesive helps prevent screw pops and provides additional sound dampening). Finish by applying a second 1/4-in. bead of Sound Sealant where the top layer of drywall meets the floor and ceiling.

For more handy tips on using construction adhesive, check out Liquid Nails Tips on Tour as it crosses the country. The Liquid Nails Adhesive truck is loaded with free stuff and handy info for contractors and DIY’ers on the go, and it’s coming to a home-improvement store near you. Stop by for snacks, drinks and other giveaways, plus product demos and quick tips for on the job. For a schedule of the tour, check out the Tips on Tour calendar at


— M. Weber

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