Tips on Selling Your Home — From the Inside Out

MILLS RIVER, N.C. – On the exterior of the home there are plenty of opportunities to make upgrades that help increase the curb appeal of your home, but what about the inside of the house? Once you get people in the door, what will be their first impression?

“First views of the interior set the stage for either a positive or negative selling experience with potential buyers,” says Tania Moore of RE/MAX® Properties of the Valley in West Virginia. “In today’s competitive selling marketplace, owners need to use every option available to them to make their homes stand out. There are obvious things all sellers do, such as cleaning up the clutter and vacuuming. However, every home should have a few eye-popping ‘wow’ focus items that make potential buyers feel the home is special.”

Fortunately for homeowners, the “wow factor” is easy to achieve by adding unique features to the home. Investing in some key focal accents in the home can make the difference between a “cross off our list” experience for homebuyers and a “must have” memorable visit.

“If I were showing a home that had an interior ‘wow factor’ I’m confident the sellers would be impressed,” says Moore. “One trick to selling a home is to add perceived value and style to the house that would bridge over to the buyer. Decorative millwork and accent highlights are a wonderful, yet inexpensive way to make both a positive first impression and a memorable, lasting impression.”

Tip #1 – Install lightweight urethane ceiling medallions around ceiling fans and chandeliers to add character and warmth to rooms in the home. Available in more than 25 styles from Fypon, these decorative two-piece medallions go up in minutes without removing electrical fixtures. Best of all, the medallions come with a white topcoat so that you can faux finish or paint them to accent any room. ( )


Tip #2 – Add a garden window above the kitchen sink. The window, which extends outside the home by 17 inches, is engineered to resist moisture and air infiltration. Once installed, grow herbs or starter plants in the window to showcase the versatility of this mini-greenhouse. Simonton Windows offers a garden window featuring a fusion-welded frame and sash, snap-in sill cover to resist water penetration and one-inch double-strength insulating glass. The one-piece unit installs quickly and can be used to showcase small collections or as a cozy, sunny spot for the family cat. ( )

Tip #3 – Reduce the amount of ornate artwork and window coverings to create an open, airy environment in each room. Let natural sunlight flow through windows to enhance the interior of the home. For a distinctive, yet breezy window treatment, install decorative corbels or brackets on either side of window tops and drape with lightweight fabrics. ( )

Tip #4 – Surround a fireplace or create an accent wall in a family room using panelized façade brick products in Cabernet Red, Darlington Rose, Manchester Brown or Pearl Grey. Made of recycled gypsum and reinforced with high-density polymer materials, low-maintenance Performance Brick panels replicate the Old World look of handmade architectural brick and install in a fraction of the time. A “no repeat pattern” assures that your accent wall has a unique, one-of-a-kind appeal. The decorative addition of mortar between the bricks in the panels after installation provides the authentic look of real brick. (

Tip #5 – Play up your windows inside the home and turn them into pieces of wall art. To accomplish this, add a urethane window panel below a vinyl Single or Double Hung window and then surround the entire window and panel with decorative mouldings and a crosshead. ( )

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