The Modern Architecture + Design Society Announces 2021 Virtual Tour Season Pass

Organizers of the Modern Home Tour keep in-person events paused, but offer new way for anyone, anywhere (in the world) to enjoy modern architecture and design.

The end of the coronavirus pandemic is in sight for Americans, but the country is still not quite ready for large scale gatherings, especially in small spaces like private homes. For lovers of architecture and design, however, the Modern Architecture + Design Society (MA+DS) is presenting their signature Modern Home Tour series throughout 2021 in a way that gives everyone, everywhere the opportunity to explore some of the North America’s greatest examples of modern residential architecture.

“We have a full calendar of new, virtual Modern Home Tours planned for 2021,” explains MA+DS founder, James Leasure. “Every month, we will visit the cities we’d normally visit in person, plus a couple of extras, to take a look inside a region’s finest examples of modern residential architecture and design and talk LIVE with the architects and designers who created them.”

For these virtual events, tourgoers will take the tour from the safety and comfort of their home. Each tour is comprised of individual segments that use a combination of 3D imaging scans, virtual walkthroughs, and live Q and A with architects, builders, and designers to discuss the fine details and design of each home. Questions will be answered and plenty of expert advice and tips shared.

“We are a small operation that still specializes in live events,” says Leasure. “When COVID-19 struck and we had to pause our in-person tours, the name of the game became adapt – or die. We have found a really exciting way to keep the discussion and celebration of Modern architecture and design alive through the pandemic, and the silver lining is that we can keep it going in a way that can reach more people across the continent. Early response has been great, with a number of attendees from our first tours already committed to joining us virtually
throughout the year, and hopefully beyond, as we plan to extend our new content strategy into our live events once we’re back to ‘regular’ operations.”

The new Virtual Home Tour Season Pass, launching immediately, will provide access to every virtual tour in 2021, plus tickets to in-person tours once it is safe to gather again. All tour content is made available in the weeks after the tour, making it easy for all attendees to enjoy segments and explore models when it is convenient for them, or to revisit their favorites from the live events once again.

“An added bonus to doing a virtual tour is that tourgoers interested in seeing the homes do not have to block a full day off on their schedule,” says Leasure. “Likewise, those who live far away don’t have to travel. We like to think of this as an interactive LIVE TV show that you also have the option to watch DVR-style at a later time. For Season Pass holders, it means a steady stream of new, original modern architecture and design content to enjoy each month.”

For more information on the 2021 Virtual Modern Home Tour Season Pass and to see the current schedule of 2021 tours, visit:

About the Modern Architecture + Design Society:

Based in Austin, Texas, the Modern Architecture + Design Society
was founded was founded by James Leasure in 2010 as Modern Home Tours, to introduce modern architecture and living to people
across the nation. Through fun and informative self-guided home tours in dozens of cities across the USA and Canada, the
group invites people into some of the most exciting examples of modern architecture and design in the nation. With carefully
selected architects, neighborhoods and architecture, the MA+DS Home Tours are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Not only
will you learn about the cutting edge of home design while on our tours, but you might even get an idea or two for your next home project!

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