Swimming Pool is Finally Clear and Everything is Working(For now at least)

Well $1500 later, including a new main pump for the filter system and a rebuild of the Polaris Vacuum System all is well.  Here is my advice, for quick clearing of cloudy water after using algaecide and shock(chlorine) to wipe out your algae problem, use a flocculate.  The algae drops to the bottom overnight and you vacuum to waste the brown goo that will cover your bottom.  Yes, it waste water but it is fast and you will get most of the sludge out when you vacuum.  You won’t get all of the brown goo out, because your vacuuming will disturb the silt and some will enter the water column again.

Last week I added the clarifier from our local pool store and this product causes the small particles to clump together in particles large enough for the filter to catch.  This works for small amounts of silt if you have a Polaris as the Polaris fine mesh bag catches a good portion of the silt and the rest is caught by the filter.  You will need to backwash more frequently when using these products.

Now that the pool is clear.  It is imperative to ensure chemicals and balance are maintained consistently.  Here is where many homeowners fall short. After a rain or a storm blows leaves into the pool, address those issues as soon as possible. Our hardwood leaves contain tannic acid and our rainwater will bring about an algae bloom if the chlorine level is too low.  When your pool has a heavy load of swimmers, it may be necessary to increase your filtering cycle to a longer period or add additional chlorine or shock if necessary. If I have kids in the pool I add shock afterwards. I suggest you do likewise.

Other issues here, require the addition of cyanuric acid to help prevent the chlorine from being driven off by the sun and hot days.  You will see this product as stabilizer and it greatly increases the effectiveness of your normal chlorination.  For years I thought the chlorine tablets with stabilizer were all that I needed. The I actually tested for Cyanuric Acid and discovered that so little product showed in the test I knew it wasn’t sufficient.

If you have any questions regarding your pool feel free to ask us. I probably won’t know the answer but I have good resources. For more articles on “how to fix my swimming  pool problems, “check out our swimming pool category.

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