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Survey Results of EHT Readers

About a week ago I polled 10,000 readers regarding various areas related to Extreme How-To. Thank you to all who participated.  Surveys help us better target future “How-To” articles to areas of your interest.  I wasn’t surprised by the responses on the numbers of you planning  on painting or gardening/landscaping, but the numbers of you planning bigger projects surprised me.  Now I know that 32 percent of my readers are contractors, but many of the major projects were being done by non professionals, guys like me who make their living doing one thing, but have the skills and the want-to to tackle major home improvement projects. That number was refreshing.   When EHT plans it editorial calendar for 2011, we will have actual responses to help us do a better job. If you would still like to participate in the survey and be heard you can go here and take it, .  There are just a few questions, I could say that I didn’t want to waste your valuable time, which is true. I also didn’t want to write a hundred questions with innumerable subsets of follow-up questions that I would have to collate.

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