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Super Fast Lawnmower Coming Soon!

image © Honda

Dubbed the “Mean Mower V2” by Japanese manufacturer Honda, this new unit will reach a targeted top speed of 150 mph! Imagine drag-racing your neighbors down the straight-away, fleeing from the Fuzz in a high-speed chase, all while mowing some grass! The original Mean Mower could reach 130 mph, but a Norwegian company has since taken the crown of “fastest mower.” Now, Honda wants it back. For more information on the new Mean Mower, check out this Fox Business article.


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Trex Seal Ledger Tape

LOCK OUT MOISTURE WITH NEW TREX® SEAL™ LEDGER TAPE 11-inch Aluminum-lined Butyl Tape Protects Structural Integrity of Critical Connection Point Ask any contractor where a deck is most likely to fail and, chances are, they’ll point to the ledger board. If not correctly installed and protected, this single element can be the downfall of a […]