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Stucco a Foundation

DIY Questions and Answer January 11, 2008 Chad

Q: I would like to cover a block wall of my home to look like an old adobe. Do I need to cover the brick with a mesh? And what kind of plaster would be best? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A: You’re looking for stucco, not plaster. You might not need reinforcing mesh covering all the block, since it is rigid. Either way, you should add base and corner beads and a mesh flange along the wall edges. First patch any cracks, remove protruding brick mortar and brush away surface debris. Use a masonry bonding agent. Apply a scratch coat about 3/8 inch thick over the brick face. Then scratch grooves in the base coat. Apply a finish coat about 1/4 inch thick. For some great, detailed advice on stucco and a wide variety of other masonry projects, check out The Ultimate Guide to Masonry and Concrete from Creative Homeowner Press at