Stone Coatings Transform Home Exterior

Homeowners Cynthia and Dan Capezio wanted to add more curb appeal to their Florida home. However, instead of looking up at their house, they looked down at their feet. That’s when they decided to resurface their cracked driveway and walkway. Then, because they were so impressed with their DIY efforts, they kept going … right into the garage!

To make the changes to their home exterior, Cynthia and Dan started by searching online for concrete resurfacing DIY products. That’s when they discovered Daich Coatings.

“We like to do projects together,” says Cynthia Capezio. “We dove in and ordered five of the large SpreadStone™ Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kits in the Cold Gold Slate color. That was enough to cover 2,000 square feet of space.”

Taking the Plunge

“In the beginning of the project we took a full day to clean and pressure wash the driveway and sidewalk,” says Capezio. “We took extra time to make a diamond-shaped wood template for our stone design.

“It took us a day to figure out exactly how we wanted to do the tape placements. It wasn’t hard; it was just some decisions we had to make. Then we proceeded with the primer and laying down the tape.”

A Step at a Time

With the primer down, the husband-and-wife team waited 24 hours to let the curing take place. Then they followed the instructions and added the base coat and accent colors.

“Each step took us a full day to complete,” says Capezio. “It’s an awfully big driveway. But, at the end of five days, it was finished. Next we tackled the sidewalk.  That went much quicker since it was a smaller area and we had the practice of doing the driveway first.”

But There’s More …

To give a truly unique accent to their exterior, the homeowners took an extra step. They drew out palm trees, and then cut them out of cardboard. The pair traced them onto specific areas on the driveway and sidewalk, and then painted them in. Now the palm trees stand out as a sign of welcome for their home.

“We love the new look,” says Capezio. “Our neighbors have stopped and told us how nice it looks. Many have commented that it looks very professional. This project really increased the curb appeal of our home.”

Stepping Inside

The DIY duo didn’t stop with their driveway and walkway. A few weeks later they decided to tackle the interior of their two-car garage and a side access room.

“We were so impressed with the SpreadStone product outside, that we decided to bring it indoors,” says Capezio. “We reversed our pattern from the outside. This time we did the base coat, then the light gray coating. We added the diamond shapes down the center during the last coat.”

The couple decided to finish their handiwork off with three coats of clear finish. Then, like outdoors, they added personal touches by hand painting sea animals on the steps.

“We love our new garage floor,” says Capezio. “The SpreadStone product was very easy to work with and provided us with tremendous results. In just five days our garage area was beautifully transformed!”

Stone Coating System

The SpreadStone Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kit is a patent-pending pre-mixed, factory-tinted stone coating system that locks onto concrete to produce a surface with stunning decorative appeal and outstanding performance.  The coatings dry quickly, so results are fast to see.

SpreadStone kits come in Cold Gold Slate, Lake Rock, Midnight Slate, Summit Grey and Sun Ledge colors and are available in small kits (to cover 100 square feet) or large kits (to cover 400 square feet). Once applied, the SpreadStone coating stands up to water, snow, salt, ultraviolet rays, extreme cold and heat. Because the coating has no hot-tire pickup, it’s ideal for driveways and garages.

Daich Coatings primers and decorative concrete products are available online at The Home Depot® or online at


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