SPAX® Fastening Solutions for Any Deck Project


May is NADRA’s Deck Safety Month® and SPAX® Has Fastening Solutions and Accessories for Any Deck Project

At the start of The North American Deck & Rail Association (NADRA) Deck Safety Month, SPAX® offers solutions to help professional builders and DIYers complete any project with enhanced performance and strong connections for a safer deck. A NADRA 2024 Bronze Deck Safety Ambassador, SPAX is a brand of ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. US, INC., with innovative fastening solutions designed for maximum efficiency. NADRA serves as a trade association with an emphasis on code compliance and deck safety. With more than 60 million decks in the U.S., NADRA estimates that 30 million decks are past their useful life and need to be replaced or repaired. That’s why each May, the organization promotes deck safety with public outreach and a Deck Safety Check List. Furthering SPAX’s commitment to deck safety and code compliance, Loren Ross, Structural Engineer for Altenloh Brinck & CO. US, INC., works with NADRA on their Code Committee.

With SPAX’s patented thread technology, their engineered fasteners require no pre-drilling and drive faster and easier than conventional lags and other structural lag screws. They are perfect for various interior and exterior applications in multiple materials, including the deck structure and for fastening deck boards, trim and railings.

“As a proud NADRA Bronze Deck Safety Ambassador, SPAX is the one-stop source for deck builders who pride themselves on craftsmanship and deck safety,” said Robert Knecht, Senior Marketing Manager. “Quality fasteners are key to deck safety in many structural applications, such as having a strong connection from the ledger board to the house.”

SPAX’s latest innovations for decks include: 

  • Strong deck ledger connectionsSPAX® T-STAR Washer Head PowerLags® with HCR® coating designed with low-profile, large diameter head design provides outstanding clamping force and improved aesthetics. The T-STAR drive offers excellent bit engagement without requiring a special driver bit. Ledger attachment fasteners include the 5/16” x 4” and 5” with HCR® coating.
SPAX T-STAR Washer Head Powerlags
Strong deck ledger connections -SPAX T-STAR Washer Head Powerlags with HCR® coating
  • Corrosion resistant deck board attachment and other finishing applications– T-STAR PLUS TRIM HEAD POWERDECK® 304 STAINLESS STEEL offer premium corrosion resistance for decking and construction projects, featuring superior bit engagement with the T-STAR plus drive. Available in #8 and #10 diameters ranging in lengths from 1-5/8” through 3-1/2”.
SPAX® T-STAR plus Trim Head Stainless Steel screws offer corrosion resistance
  • Extra Protection for Joists and BeamsDeck Joist Tape and Beam Tape: SPAX deck tapes are designed to enhance deck longevity and installation quality by safeguarding fasteners, joists and beams from water damage; they are suitable for various deck applications and compatible with the majority of deck materials.
SPAX Joist Tape
Extra protection for joists and beams with SPAX Joist and Beam Tape
  • Easy Deck SpacingDeck Board Spacers: Achieve precise board spacing effortlessly with SPAX Deck Spacers, offering four sizes for uniform gaps between deck boards, promoting a polished appearance and proper expansion without additional tools like nails or speed squares.

    SPAX Deck Spacers
    Easy spacing of deck boards with SPAX Deck Spacers

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