Simonton Products Can Now Be Ordered to Meet New 2010 Energy Star Guidelines


On January 4th, 2010 the Energy Star® program introduced new criteria to improve energy performance levels of windows and doors for all regions of the country. As an Energy Star partner for the past 11 years, Simonton Windows® is prepared for the changes and has introduced Energy Star zone-specific packages for each product the company produces.


“We have made sure that every Simonton product line has an Energy Star specific glass package that can be easily ordered for each of the four climate zones within the program,” says Tony Eschmeyer, senior product manager for Simonton Windows.


Named for each Energy Star climate zone, (Northern, North-Central, South-Central and Southern) Simonton’s new Energy Star glass packages provide the optimal balance of thermal efficiency and value. Each package is optimized for the particular product line and geographic zone in which the window or door will be installed.  Selecting the right glass package is as simple as:

1.       Specifying the Simonton windows and doors you want.

2.       Stating that you want ENERGY STAR qualified products.

3.       Indicating your climate zone.


The simplest way homeowners and building industry professionals can gain information on ordering 2010 Energy Star qualified Simonton vinyl windows and doors is by visiting “Our dedicated web site makes it fast and easy for people to gain information on Simonton Energy Star qualified products,” says Eschmeyer. “We even offer a free climate zone identifier list download (by U.S. county), along with Energy Star consumer brochures to assist homeowners, remodelers and builders.”


Simonton also supports the 2010 Energy Star guidelines and pending legislation that would tie them in with the current federal energy tax credit program underway through 2010. “Different areas of the country experience different weather extremes,” says Eschmeyer. “It makes sense that windows and doors should be constructed and rated to handle the unique weather conditions in northern climates versus the southern coastline.

“The 2010 Energy Star guidelines are a positive step toward designating energy performance levels for all regions of the country within the four-zone Energy Star map. At Simonton, we’re ready to supply top-quality windows and doors that meet the 2010 Energy Star guidelines no matter what region a person resides in throughout the country.” supplies all the information needed to order the right windows for your home. For other information, call (800) SIMONTON (1-800-746-6686) or visit

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