Siding and Trim Donated for “Family to the Rescue” House

Westlake Royal Foundry 7" Split Shake siding

Westlake Royal Building Products USA Inc. (Westlake Royal) announced that it has donated siding and trim products to Rescuing Families, Inc., a nonprofit organization that specializes in remodeling the homes of people with physical limitations with a goal of making their homes more accessible, safe and comfortable. The donation and installation will be featured on the docuseries “Family to the Rescue,” which will air its second season on PBS in fall 2023.

Working closely with its distributor partner New Castle Ronkonkoma in Long Island, Westlake Royal donated Foundry 7″ Split Shake siding in the color Golden Straw, as well as Rabbeted White Royal PVC Corners, Starter Strip, Historic Window Trim Sill and Trimboard. The home, which is located in Franklin Square, New York, is being renovated to improve accessibility and safety for the family living there. Westlake Royal team members were also on site to assist with the installation, which took place the last week of June.

Westlake Royal Foundry 7" Split Shake siding

“Family to the Rescue” follows Rescuing Families on its quest to improve the lives of people with disabilities. There are over 50 million disabled individuals in the United States who need access to unique home construction and specialized design. Through a completely new approach to home design, they transform the lives of families who feel forgotten, and raise awareness of solutions that are available for them.

“We are humbled and honored to donate Foundry siding and trim to the well-deserving family and contractors working with Rescuing Families,” said Steve Booz, vice president, marketing, Westlake Royal Building Products. “Making homes safe and accessible for people with disabilities is incredibly important to us, and we feel confident that our products will be low maintenance and durable, ensuring that these families do not need to worry about upkeep or renovations after installation.”

“The products that we work with are extremely important to the overall outcome of our renovations, and we are so thankful to Westlake Royal for their generous donation of top-quality siding and trim,” said Vinny Centauro, co-founder of Rescuing Families. “We always want to make sure that the products we use are low maintenance and long lasting, so the last thing the families need to worry about is upkeep. We want to give our families absolutely zero work while also making the home accessible to their specific needs.”

“From our work as contractors and our experience as caretakers, we have seen that often when a person is suffering from an illness, mental or physical disability or even aging, their home becomes an unsafe environment for a multitude of reasons. We see individuals not being able to thrive in their homes anymore, and even get to the point of becoming fearful of their own homes,” said Gina Cantone-Centauro, co-founder of Rescuing Families. “With the help of our partners like Westlake Royal, and the community, we are able to work on projects that affect the overall quality of life of our community’s most vulnerable.”


About Rescuing Families, Inc. 

Rescuing Families, Inc. is a non-profit organization helping to improve the homes of people with disabilities, veterans and financial struggles. The organization improves, if not, eliminates the hurdles that come with up keeping their homes. The founders take it upon themselves, as licensed contractors, to provide free labor for the renovations and remodeling of people’s homes. Through donations and sponsorships they are able to have the materials and resources they need to fully renovate peoples homes and financially help them to get back on track with their lives.


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