Serious Demolition Calls for Extreme Measures,EzeBreak System with Video.

Some time ago, I wrote about my favorite demolition tools.  There is the Bosch Brute for things needing jack hammered, or even an Ingersoll-Rand coupled with a Sullair compressor.  For smaller demos, my Hilti 905 will handle all of this. But let’s say an 18,000 pound meteorite has mysteriously appeared in your front yard, do not fret. We have found the answer. I didn’t really find it, this was actually sent to me. Don’t laugh, any one who has dug out a basement knows what happens when you hit a rock.  Digging a swimming pool in the southern Appalachians where we are located, means rock and lots of it, big rocks. The EzeBreak makes small rocks out of big rocks using small charges. Check this video out demonstrating the EzeBreak system.

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