Remodeling Show/Deck Expo Highlights


The EHT staff spent a few days in Chicago in October at the 2013 Remodeling Show/Deck Expo. We were on the lookout for new products and interesting technologies. And we found some. Here are a few highlights we saw at this year’s convention.


ClipStone is a stone veneer you can install yourself with simple hand tools to turn a plain boring wall into professional-looking stone wall. If you know how to put a screw into the wall, you can install ClipStone. It really is that easy. The system is designed for interior or exterior applications, and each stone is raised slightly off the wall to allow the wall to breathe while providing a drainage plane in exteriors. Mounting clips embedded within the stones allow you to securely install onto the wall using only screws, a drill/driver and a hand level. ClipStone comes with a 50-year limited warranty.

clipstone before-after-kitchen
Left: That’s me trying out the system. Right: A finished ClipStone wall.


DiamondPier Foundation Systems

Replacing traditional buried concrete piers, this innovative system reaches deep into the ground without digging holes or pouring concrete. To better explain the installation, check out the 30-second clip below. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words then a video’s got to be worth even more.

SideJob Cargo Rack

The SideJob rack is a clever way to haul building materials using your work vehicle. Installation is fast and easy and requires no tools. Just place the SideJob Rack over your ladder rack posts, hook the cam strap (provided) to secure location under your vehicle and tighten. Load your material. Then, secure the material with the ratchet straps (provided). With the SideJob you can carry important job materials without taking up valuable interior vehicle space. The vehicle side becomes a functional workspace that carries up to 8 sheets of 1/2″ drywall, 9 sheets of 1/2″ plywood or 32 2x4s (per rack).




Versi-Foam is pro-grade spray foam insulation in do-it-yourself kits. The video below will tell you what you need to know for sealing attics, crawlspaces and more.


The Superwall Basement Finishing System is a waterproof, mold-proof, modular wall system that addresses the concerns of remodeling a basement, flood zone or any high-humidity environment. Superwall also distributes other products such as waterproof floors and ceilings. Superwall combines the  technology of closed-cell foam, PVC and vinyl wall coverings, resulting in a three-part finished wall panel. The panel’s foam insulation is known for it’s exceptional thermal and waterproof properties. The PVC is a proprietary technology used as a laminated top sheet resulting in a rigid, lightweight and dent-proof panel made of 100% recycled resins.




Ezy-Lifter is a new demolition tool for pulling up and removing floorboards and decking. This deck-prying tool gives you a huge mechanical advantage, so you can remove multiple boards at once, reducing back strain and saving time, money and effort. The mouth of the tool is large enough to pry multiple boards at once, and the handle design allows the user to stand on solid decking/flooring while working, rather than standing over the exposed joists as required with some demolition bars.




The DeckLok Deck Bracket System ( a lateral anchor) creates stronger deck connections by redirecting the force of the load from “pullout” to a connection in “shear” at the deck floor joist. DeckLok Lateral Anchors secure railing posts, ledger boards, and stair stringers with the strength and rigidity necessary to address the new requirements of IRC 2006. By adding DeckLok Deck Bracket System to your current construction methods, your deck will meet or exceed code requirements. Check out the video below.

The Chadirondack

The Chadirondack (half chaise, half adirondack) from Deccessories is the product that launched the company. After fielding calls regularly from clients whose furniture blew off their dock during violent thunderstorms, the company arrived at the Chadirondack solution. Far more comfortable than stretching a towel out on the surface of the deck, the Chadirondack allows for an adjustable seating surface that collapses beneath deck level when not in use. With a quick tug on a strap, the knee joint locks into place, requiring only the lifting of the back support to complete the “setup”.  After you’ve spent the afternoon relaxing in the seat, closing the Chadirondack is just as easy. When stowed, the Chadirondack is flush and nearly invisible, allowing for people to walk on top of the seat or set up other furniture on top of it.



Zip Hinge

The Zip Hinge is a downspout hinge made of durable aluminum that ensures the downspout extension stays firmly attached to the gutter system, plus it provides flip-up convenience to clear the ground around the downspout when working with lawn care equipment.





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