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Punch! Software, Home Design and Landscape Pro

Need help designing your dream-house? Punch!  Software’s latest version of its Home Design Professional has the tools to get you started.  We have used various products from Punch! over the years for designing additions, renovating current living spaces and adding decks and Punch! Professional is our favorite Punch product as it incorporates all of these areas along with a nice suite of power tools.

During Christmas Holiday, I helped my sister create a concept design for the she house she plans on building soon.  Her goal was to create a layout that she could take to her architect that would illustrate the layout of the house along with some unique features she wants. Punch! Professional allowed her to do that, but it also allowed her to make changes to lay-outs and see those changes in 3D using the split screen 2D-3D view.

Punch! has built a substantial library of design products into its software.  Chose a flooring type from the menu, and drag and drop the specific floor onto the floor of your 3D drawing and voila, the software installs the flooring with one click.  You can do the same for paint colors, counter tops and even furniture.

There are too many features to discuss in a blog environment, but I have chosen some photos that tell the story better than words can. For more information check out the Home and Landscape Design v.2 home page here. Software is on sale now for $149.

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