Warmboard Radiant Heating

Warmboard is the most energy-efficient radiant heating solution available. Our products install quickly, conveniently and out perform the competition.


Lying on the beach as the sun warms you to the core is one of life’s simple pleasures. Warmboard provides that level of comfort in every room of your home. Be blissfully unaware as the cold wind blows or the snow falls outside. Customize the temperature anywhere in your home, room-by-room. And as the outdoor temperature changes throughout the day, Warmboard will respond faster than any other radiant system to meet your needs for ultimate comfort.

The secret to Warmboard’s superior performance is its high conductivity, enabling a wide array of benefits. In fact,… when considering any radiant product, conductivity is the most important feature to be aware of.

Our patented technology uses a thick aluminum plate across the entire radiant panel which acts as an excellent conductor of heat. Because of this, Warmboard not only responds quickly to changing needs, but it uses lower water temperatures than any other radiant system. This means homeowners can expect a much lower energy bill every month, with many saving thousands of dollars annually. Over the life of your home, Warmboard rewards your wise investment again and again.


Forced Air vs. Warmboard Radiant Heating

In a forced air house, hot air is blown through vents and quickly rises to the ceiling. In a two-story home, the upstairs becomes too hot while the downstairs remains cold. With Warmboard, the heat is generated beneath you. Temperature zones allow you to control the setting in every room, so unoccupied rooms can be turned down (or off) to save energy, while others can be made warmer for ideal personal comfort. The result is a far more comfortable and energy efficient home. Forced air systems also circulate dust, mold spores and allergens throughout your home while irritating the skin and drying out sinuses. Warmboard, however, improves indoor air quality. Loved ones suffering from allergies or asthma will find their symptoms significantly reduced with a home that is cleaner and more dust free. The noises associated with forced air will be eliminated so you can enjoy peace and quiet.


Unlimited Flooring Options

Previous radiant heating methods, specifically slab-based systems, placed many limitations on finish flooring options. Moisture and the difficulty of fastening hardwood over concrete was both complicated and expensive. And carpeting was often out of the question. But Warmboard provides a surface that allows hardwood to be easily nailed in place. And our powerful conductivity means thick, luxurious carpets are not a problem. It also means more even floor temperatures which won’t risk damaging or aging hardwood floors. This benefit makes Warmboard the only radiant product recommended by many hardwood providers.


Faster Installations

Warmboard panels can be sawn, fastened and installed similarly to any structural subfloor. Our detailed construction documents show exactly where to install each panel, enabling a smooth and successful project. Both seasoned installers and those with limited experience quickly become comfortable with the process. There are no heavy concrete pours or lingering moisture or potential mold issues to consider. There are also significantly fewer components than other systems, reducing hardware costs and labor. In all, Warmboard installs more quickly and more conveniently than any other system.

Cost Effective

Warmboard has numerous cost-saving benefits. Compared to other radiant options, Warmboard does away with the costs of an additional subfloor while requiring much less labor, less tubing and fewer parts and manifolds. When compared to a slab-based system, you also remove the high costs of the structural upgrades necessary to accommodate the weight of the pour. Flooring installation costs are lessened as well. Every part of the installation saves time and is more efficient. All this before the homeowner experiences the benefits of living in a Warmboard home. Once the system is turned on, Warmboard has more than 3x the amount of conductivity per dollar than other systems. That is a tremendous difference in value, performance, and over the life of your home, savings.


Our original Warmboard panel is a 4’x8’ structural subfloor and radiant panel in one, made from 1 1/8 thick 7-ply Douglas Fir. We also have Warmboard–R, our smaller panel designed specifically for home remodels. Warmboard–R is made from the highest quality OSB and comes in 2’x4’ panels. Since it’s introduction in 2011, Warmboard–R has quickly become a preferred solution to upgrading existing homes by both professional builders and talented hobbyists and DIYers. Warmboard–R is often used in the walls or ceiling when homeowners wish to preserve certain flooring.

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