According to leading real estate website Zillow, a functional outdoor living space is the most sought-after amenity among today’s homebuyers. If you have a second-story deck, you can double your functional outdoor space with Trex® RainEscape®. This innovative under-deck drainage system features an integrated network of troughs and downspouts that work together to capture rain, snow, and other precipitation and funnel it away from a deck. In addition to protecting the substructure from moisture damage and deterioration, it keeps the space beneath the deck dry so it can be used as a patio or for extra storage.

Unlike other systems that install below the joists of a deck leaving wood and metal exposed to the elements, Trex RainEscape installs above the joists – between the framing and the surface boards – allowing it to protect the entire substructure and the space beneath the deck from water penetration. Trex RainEscape also gives you the option to fully finish your under-deck space with any ceiling of your choice, whereas many competitive systems are not compatible with under-deck ceilings.

With Trex RainEscape, the possibilities are limitless. Once protected, the space beneath a deck can be enclosed for storing lawn and gardening equipment, pool toys and yard games, or outfitted with furnishings and accessories to create an outdoor room. Gas and electrical lines can be safely and discreetly run between the deck surface and soffit ceiling below to power lighting, ceiling fans, grills, appliances, electrical components and more.

Installation is simple, requiring just three tools – a utility knife, staple gun and caulk gun. And, the system is backed by a 20-year warranty. To learn more, go to or click here to see how to install the system.

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