Transformation Stain® Deck & Fence





The easiest stain to maintain.


Made in Colorado, tested at high elevation, exposed to intense UV rays and frequent temperature, Transformation Deck & Fence has passed the test.

Five things you will HATE if you don’t have Transformation on YOUR deck:

 1. Water– On and in your deck is not ideal. It causes the wood to swell and eventually begin to crack.  Transformation Deck & Fence was made in Colorado, where we’re known for our winter weather.  So we designed it to protect decks from frequent accumulating snow.

 2. The Sun -Like a sunburn on your skin, UV rays degrade surface wood fibers and turn your deck to a dull gray.  Made and tested in Colorado (5,280 feet in elevation and higher), Transformation Deck & Fence is used to getting anywhere from 25% – 45%more UV exposure per hour of sunlight than a similar day at sea level.

3. Temperature Swings -Cold. . Hot. . . Cold Again.  We call this a temperature rollercoaster.  Your deck is not a fan. As temperature swings, wood expands and contracts, which inevitably leads to cracking. Colorado is known for its extreme same-day temperature swings and numerous freeze-thaw cycles.  We built Transformation Deck & Fence to withstand these fluctuations and keep your deck sealed.

 4. The Look of your Deck – Ok, maybe HATE is a strong word.  How about you will be disappointed with it?  A dead and grayed-out deck is not a good look.  Neither is a painted deck, because you’re covering up the wood grain.  Transformation Deck & Fence comes in six vibrant colors that let the wood’s grain show, to restore beauty to that ol’ deck of yours.

 5. Costly Maintenance– Nobody likes peeling stain.  Even worse is the prep work needed before re-staining when your deck stain peels. Who wants to take the time to sand, aggressively power wash, and/or chemically strip off old stain?  Transformation Deck & Fence will not peel.  It gradually fades over time, so maintenance only requires a light wash (to clear dirt, pollen, etc.) followed by a single coat of stain.  This is why we proclaim Transformation Deck & Fence to be the Easiest Stain to Maintain.      

Transformation Deck & Fence: The Best of Both Worlds

Transformation Stain® Deck & Fence, newly launched in 2012, combines the benefits of both oil and acrylic technologies into one formula.  Acrylic deck stains provide great surface protection but do not penetrate the wood surface.  Eventually, acrylic stains will peel from the surface in patches, making re-staining a nightmare.  Oil deck stains penetrate well into the wood but do not leave much protection at the surface.  This usually means re-staining your deck every year.  Transformation Deck & Fence penetrates into the wood for great adhesion, but also leaves protection at the surface to battle the sun, moisture and foot traffic. We like to say it’s the best of both worlds!

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