TOPDON JS3000 Jump Starter

TOPDON JS3000 jump box

A jump starter or “jump box” is a must have safety and convenience accessory for your car or truck. This jump starter is also a power bank that can be used to charge your electronic devices.

The JS3000 from TOPDON supports vehicles with 12V batteries on up to 9L gas engines and 7L Diesel engines. With 30 hours of runtime, this jump starter packs 45 jumps in a single charge and brings a battery back to life instantly. This unit is portable and lightweight for easy storage and access in your vehicle. Plus it performs like a champ in when you need it in cold weather.

The EHT staff highly recommends keeping a jump starter in your car, truck, or boat. Also keep one in your garage or shop for your lawn mowers, tractors, and UTVs. The safety and convenience benefits from these units are huge.

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TOPDON jump starter

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