T-JAK Cabinet Jack Gives Installation Projects a Lift

No help, no problem as T-JAK precisely raises and holds kitchen cabinets, ceiling drywall, and more in place during installation.

For homebuilders, remodelers, and do-it-yourselfers who’ve long needed a helping hand to precisely lift and hold heavy, awkward loads such as kitchen cabinets, ceiling drywall, crown moldings, tub surrounds, door/window headers, garage door openers, rafters and soffits, even decks and ductwork during installation, there’s now the T-JAK Multi-Purpose Support Tool by Patterson Avenue Tool Company, a leader in installation innovation.

“As a remodeler, I can tell you that there are too many times when your help doesn’t show up, and you’ve got to get something done by yourself,” says A. Gardner of Basalt, CO.  “The T-JAK system will save your bacon.  You’ll find yourself breaking it out for just about everything.”

Like having an extra pair of strong hands on site, the complete T-JAK support system quickly adjusts from 15” to 10’ to raise and hold objects weighing up to 400 lbs. in place for installation with optional extensions and accessories.  Just tilt the quick release knob, raise its threaded rod to the right supporting height, and lock the knob in place.  Then turn the quick release knob to precisely adjust it for safe installation.

130512PRO-PAK_BACK[1]On kitchen cabinet installations, the T-JAK support system eliminates the need for wasteful bracing or cleats, allowing the installer to place shims behind the back of the cabinet when the walls are not straight or plumb.  It safely supports all wall cabinet sizes including those above standard height, such as oven, microwave, and refrigerator cabinets.

Unlike devices that lift in notched intervals of 1/8” or more for imprecise final adjustment, the T-JAK support system can split a chalk line with continuous, fine tuned adjustments.  This helps installers to quickly, efficiently get installation done right, even when alone.

“I recently had to remove an upper cabinet, take three inches off the height of it and get it back in place without disturbing the molding at the top,” says Bruce MacMahon of MacMahon Renovation Solutions in New Hampshire.  “Working solo, I secured the cabinet to the top of the T-JAK and cranked it up into place.”

An optional U-Support Tool extends T-JAK’s precise “raise and hold” support to those installing any non-flat shape including plumbing pipe, drive lines, electrical conduit, AC and Heating duct, exhaust systems, overhead sprinkler systems; as well as automotive muffler, tail pipe, bumpers, and door alignment.


All T-JAK extensions and accessories are interchangeable.  T-JAK is “Tested and Approved” by “The Handyman Club of America,” regularly used on the “This Old House” TV show, and was chosen a “Tool of Choice” by the Cabinet Installers of America.  It is available at many fine retailers and tool suppliers.

For more info phone 800-662-3557; email [email protected]; visit www.tjak.com; or write to T-JAK, Patterson Avenue Tool Company at 6515 High Meadow, Long Grove, IL 60047.


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