Surebonder® TriggerFire™ Staple Gun

surebonder staple gun

The Surebonder® TriggerFire™ staple gun was designed to ensure easy, precise stapling that can be achieved using just one hand. The heavy-duty construction and easy-to-use design make even the toughest projects a breeze. This staple gun is compatible with Surebonder® #4 heavy-duty staples and Arrow® T50™ type staples. Packed with great features like easy drop-in loading, a comfortable rubber-gripped handle, a handle lock for storage, an adjustable staple depth power lever, and two stapling modes; trigger and normal. In Trigger mode, you can set staples with one hand, simply squeeze the handle to pre-set the staple gun, position the tool on the work surface, and then squeeze the Trigger to set the staple. In normal mode, the TriggerFire functions as a traditional staple gun, applying downward pressure on the head of the staple gun and squeezing the handle down will set the staple.

surebonder staple gun

This staple gun is like no other and makes an excellent addition to any toolbox! Grab yours today at your local Lowes or online at

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