Sakrete® Flo-Coat

SAKRETE® Flo-Coat is a highly flowable material for resurfacing large areas of concrete and is a great alternative to expensive concrete replacement.  It makes old, worn concrete look like new and can be applied in a flowable consistency using a squeegee.

SAKRETE® Flo-Coat is designed for applications from ½-inch down to a featheredge and is polymer-modified for superior bonding strength. It’s ideal for resurfacing concrete walks, slabs, driveways and patios that may have been damaged or spalled from age or weather.

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Trex® Seal™ Sub-Ledger Tape
Trex® Seal™ Sub-Ledger Tape

Waterproofing the ledger board is a critical step in preventing moisture damage and ensuring the structural integrity of a deck over time. To fully protect this essential component, the makers of Trex® Seal™ Ledger Tape have introduced a new butyl tape engineered specifically for use beneath the ledger board. Measuring 22 inches wide, Trex® Seal™ […]