When it comes time to choose weapons, you definitely want to be prepared. Committing to battle is no easy task and to ensure your hands are gripping the best, Wilton® has introduced the B.A.S.H. Sledge Hammer line with UnbreakableTechnology.             According to Wilton’s engineers, the B.A.S.H. (Bad Ass Sledge Hammer) product line is the world’s most durable sledge hammer.  Break the sledge hammers handle under normal use and within two years of purchase, Wilton will cut a $1,000 check in your name. These innovative sledge hammers have a steel core design that prevents breakage during overstrikes, which is a common failure in wood and fiberglass handled sledge hammers . In fact, these sledge hammers are 400 percent tougher than wood and fiberglass models.  In an overstrike test conducted by an independent lab, mechanical overstrikes were calculated before the handles broke.  Leading competitors’ wood handles collapsed after 435 strikes, while fiberglass handled sledge hammers failed at 6,800.  The B.A.S.H. Sledge Hammers endured 25,000 overstrikes. Another stress point and cause of failure in sledge hammers is dislodging the head.  The BASH Sledge Hammers feature a safety plate that secures the head with six steel rods that run the entire length of the handle.  These rods are bound together and serve as the handle’s core, locking down the head to eliminate dislodgment.  Full-length, textured rubber, non-slip handle grips are standard on all BASH Sledge Hammers.  These grips resist oil and other solvents.  Hi-vis, light-green heads add instant identification and recognition in jobsite and other work conditions.  Each head is stamped with its weight in pounds and kilograms.  When placed on end, its design enables the sledge to stand erect for easy reach. Each sledge hammer also features an ergonomically-designed anti-vibe neck to help prevent injury from repeated use.  Also, just below the handle top is a machined hole to loop and secure a lanyard around the user’s wrist.

There’s a wide variety of smooth face Wilton BASH Sledge Hammers to meet every need from 2.5 lb. to 20 lb. heads and handles from 12 to 36 in. in length.  In addition to DIYers, industrial users include professionals in construction/demolition, landscaping, concrete and masonry, mining, railroading, tent installation, l and other heavy-duty applications of sledge hammers.

To locate a dealer for the Wilton B.A.S.H. Sledge Hammers, visit and click on Where To Buy.  Enter the product’s stock number and your zip code and the nearest dealer(s) will be identified.  The B.A.S.H. Sledge Hammers also will be available through several online retailers such as  For further assistance contact Consumer Relations at 800-274-6848, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST, Monday – Friday).




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