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More Shower Trays, Even More Possibilities

New Schluter Lineup Features Integrated Waterproofing and Thinner Trays for Curbless Showers 

Custom tiled showers continue to grow in popularity as homeowners strive to create spaces that reflect their specific needs and desires.  Each one is a little bit different. To help create these unique spaces more easily, Schluter-Systems is now introducing 16 new prefabricated, sloped trays for showers with the KERDI-DRAIN point drain and KERDI-LINE linear drain. These additional shapes and sizes will make it much easier for homeowners and construction professionals to choose a tray that suits the size of the shower they are building.  In addition to increasing the number of sizes available, all Schluter shower trays now feature integrated KERDI waterproofing on the top of the tray.  All shower areas must be made completely waterproof before tiles are installed, so trays with the waterproof membrane pre-installed remove a step from the construction process. The pre-installed waterproofing on these shower trays is easily integrated with Schluter drains and waterproof walls to construct a completely waterproof and vapor-tight environment.

Curbless shower areas have also exploded in popularity in recent years.  They have become a very popular design choice for aesthetic reasons and to assist homeowners with aging in place or managing reduced mobility.  One of the challenges when constructing curbless showers is to effectively manage height changes between the bathroom floor and the shower floor.  To make this process easier, Schluter is introducing three reduced thickness shower trays.  These KERDI-SHOWER-TT trays feature perimeter heights of 1” or less to simplify the design and construction of curbless shower entries.  This change in tray design will allow more people to have curbless showers installed in their homes.

The following shower trays are included in the new line-up offered by Schluter-Systems:

For KERDI-DRAIN Point Drain:

  • With center drain placement: 38” x 60”, 48” x 72”, 72”x 72”
  • With offset drain placement: 38” x 60”
  • Reduced height with center drain placement: 36” x 36”, 38” x 38”, 48”x 48”

For KERDI-LINE Linear Drain:

  • With center drain placement: 38”x 38”, 48”x 48”, 55” x 55”
  • With perimeter drain placement: 39”x 39”, 48” x 48”, 55” x 55”, 36” x 72”, 38” x 76”, 76” x 38”

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