Kreg Accu-Cut™

Transform Your Circular Saw into a High-Performance Track-Guided Cutting System!

The Accu-Cut™ allows you to make straight, accurate, splinter-free cuts with your circular saw. It rips, crosscuts and makes angled cuts up to 49” long in plywood, MDF, and panels with amazing control. The Accu-Cut™ guides your circular saw along an aluminum track that keeps the saw moving in a straight line, and it makes setup easy by just aligning the track with your cut line. Anti-slip guide strips hold the track in place without clamps, and support the wood fibers to prevent splintered cuts.

Setup is easy. Simply mount your saw to the universal sled – it accepts most left-blade or right-blade saws. Set the sled on the track, and you’re ready to cut. The Accu-Cut™ is portable, too, so rather than having to handle heavy sheets on a table saw. Optional Track Clamps can be used with slick materials, such as melamine. Replacement guide strips are available.

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