Introducing the NEW UNIVERSAL Attic Dek Panel

Attic Dek is the only storage system designed specifically for the unfinished areas over a garage or under a roof. These lightweight easy-to-manage panels can be installed by even the most inexperienced homeowner in only about 15 minutes.



Attic Dek was originally introduced in 2005 to solve a simple need, with a simple solution. This  innovative product quickly became the go to solution for homeowners to take advantage of that unused storage space in the attic. However, homeowners had to be sure to order the correct size based on their joist spacing. Now in 2018 the product has been redesigned so that ONE panel will meet the needs of both homeowners with either standard of 16” on center  or  24” on center joist systems.

Panels install easily in unfinished attic space, whether it’s over the garage or under the roof.  Suddenly giving you the additional storage space you need. Installation is simple, place the panel on the joists aligning the width of the panel with the width of the joist spacing, then secure panels with the provided screws. The underside of panel is designed with tapered ribs to help with placement between the joists. A new  feature added to the redesigned panel are notches on each side to accommodate wiring and cables.

The Attic Dek panels are great for creating storage space, but can also be laid out in a variety of patterns depending on need. Create a “catwalk” to reach an area on the other side of the attic by laying panels down in a single row. Can’t run the panels in a straight line, try  placing the panels in a stepping stone type pattern to give you that much needed access.

Weight should not exceed 250 pounds per panel, additionally homeowner should take caution and never exceed load limitations of their truss systems.

For more info go to or call 317-776-0860

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