I wish I had THAT last week!

The days of using a chisel to pry warped deck boards into place are over. Get true one-man, one-hand deck installation done with the Hardwood Wrench™ from DeckWise®.

The DeckWise® Hardwood Wrench™ reduces installation time increasing profitability

We hear this all the time from contractors; “I wish I had THAT last week!” It never ceases to amaze us at the delight builders get when first seeing the DeckWise® Hardwood Wrench™ in action. They act like little kids grabbing the last piece of candy. They raise it up in the air as if it were a sword, feeling its hefty sturdiness and immediately try to break the handle when they use it on our deck joist display table. It’s thrilling to watch!

So why the astonishment and excitement when contractors get a glimpse of our deck board bending tool? The fact is that bending warped deck boards into place with a chisel is a mainstay in the construction industry. It’s somewhat of a tradition that gets passed down from installer to installer and generation to generation. It’s not wrong, just an old-school method.

When deck installers consider how back breaking it is to fight unwieldy deck boards – especially hardwood decking – then they see the ease of use the Hardwood Wrench™ offers them, of course they get excited. Likewise, when contractors see our wrench has a locking cam that allows them to let go of the wrench handle while fastening, they know immediately they won’t need a knee propped up to hold it in place or have the tool pop off the board like other wrenches do.

This is precisely when we hear contractors ask, “Where can I get me one of these?”

The DeckWise® Hardwood Wrench™ Board Straightening Tool will bend even the most warped deck board imaginable. It offers contractors and D-I-Y homeowners the ability to straighten out the most difficult crooked hardwood, softwood, thermal wood, and composite deck boards from virtually any position.

Our wrench applies 1,100 lbs. of pushing force while utilizing just one hand and swing of the handle. Designed to be used from either the left hand or right hand direction and has 10 different configurations for multiple work spaces.

There is no more need for two installers with a chisel prying and wrestling warped deck boards into place. The Hardwood Wrench™ deck board straightening tool is easy to operate simply with only one patio deck installer. Not the typical two installers it usually takes to man-handle a deck board into alignment then quickly install the deck fastener before the board pops back. Just consider the added productivity and profits to your bottom line when decks get built more quickly!

The wrench’s self-locking cam will hold the deck board solidly in place for a true one-man, hands-free deck board fastening. It functions on single or double joists up-wards to 3.5 inch wide joists and on almost every kind of joist material.

The hefty ash wood reversible handle offers multi-directional use for places with restricted spaces or to align a deck board on the outside of framework. The stainless steel joist pins can easily be reversed, flipped and expanded to operate on every distorted board at virtually any direction. Likewise the knurled joist pin knobs can be turned to grasp framing whenever there might not be adequate clearance for conventional joist pins or to straighten rain-screen hardwood siding boards. Just reverse the joist pins and use the short ends to grip and hold furring boards.

At the end of the day, we all know reducing installation time is a key factor that gets us to the next job. So why not use a tool that does just that and watch your profitability rise!

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