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SOUTHBRIDGE, MAVirtually every home has a hose, and millions more have pressure washers for heavy-duty cleaning. But for dozens of cleanup jobs around the house, something in-between would be a much better choice.

That’s where the HYDE® PivotJet® comes in. Just introduced by Hyde Tools, the PivotJet® is an innovative spray wand that attaches directly to your garden hose to handle virtually any type of outdoor cleaning job.

The PivotJet® not only adds extra reach and an adjustable spray pattern – it features a patented nozzle that pivots up to 135 degrees to redirect the water stream. The pivoting helps you get over, under or into difficult spaces without having to bend, kneel or stoop. To turn the nozzle you simply push or pull the grip.

This spray accessory comes with a soft-touch foam grip for comfort and a rubberized tip that protects the surface you’re cleaning. Variable spray patterns range from fine mist for flowers to pinpoint high-pressure control settings. A free-spinning hose interface keeps the hose from kinking. The PivotJet® can be used with any standard garden hose and will allow you to replace the tip with any other standard nozzle or hose accessory.

The PivotJet® is perfect for an endless variety of jobs. Applications include:

  • Cleaning gutters, house siding and foundations
  • Deck and patio cleaning
  • Refreshing patio furniture
  • Washing windows
  • Cleaning driveways, walkways, fences and sheds
  • Cleaning around pools
  • Washing cars and trucks

The PivotJet® line also includes a PivotJet® Pro, which comes in a 38” length for 6” of extra reach, and features a built-in soap reservoir with a mixture control that allows you to mix cleaners into your water stream and return to clear water for rinsing with the simple flip of a lever.

For more information, visit, contact your Hyde Tools sales representative, email [email protected] or call (800) 872-4933.

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