HOWARD Wood-N-Floors Hardwood Floor Cleaner

The product that so many HOWARD customers have been asking for is finally here!

Hardwood flooring of all types is taking over the home improvement category. With better longevity, a more elegant appearance, and better real estate value than carpet, hardwood floors are more prevalent than ever. Howard Products has taken notice of hardwood floors’ popularity and has developed a cleaner that will leave no residue, no streaks, and dries fast!

Wood-N-Floors cleans hardwood floors, luxury vinyl planks (LVP), laminate, and engineered floors. It quickly removes dirt and grime from hardwood floors without leaving any sticky residue or streaks. This ready-to-use mixture of water-based, plant-derived surfactants will gently clean your hardwood floor. Howard Wood-N-Floors cleans to reveal the natural shine on hardwood flooring, cabinets, furniture, and more!

Wood-N-Floors was created in the same tradition that has gone into all of Howard’s products since 1969 – the tradition of quality. Wood-N-Floors’ ingredients have been extensively tested and proven to work on the oldest hardwood floors to the newest luxury vinyl planks (LVP), laminate, and engineered flooring.

An industry leader and innovator for over 50 years, Howard Products is best known for creating Restor-A-Finish, Feed-N-Wax, and many other unique products that are available around the globe at fine antique and home improvement stores.

For more information visit their website, or call 800-266-9545.


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