Forney Easy Weld™

Forney Industries has added to their family of machines with a line sure to impress any level of metalworker. The Forney Easy Weld line will have even the most novice welder working like a pro in no time, without taking a hit on their wallets. One machine in this line is the Forney Easy Weld 20 P Plasma Cutter, and it takes efficacy and reliability to the next level. If you have never used a plasma cutter before, or if you’re just looking for something to cut through up to a ¼” of mild steel, this accommodating machine is the one for you.

The easy to use, portable plasma cutter includes a 13’ cutting torch, which allows you to freely access your workspace without the constraint of a shorter torch. Another benefit of the Forney Easy Weld 20 P is a 20A-15A adapter. With this, you can easily power your machine with a standard household outlet. This machine also features drag torch technology which allows you to touch the tip right to the surface of the metal for clean and precise cuts. The accelerated jet of hot plasma cuts so precisely that one Tractor Supply customer claims, “the cut is so clean that it is almost like it was done with a saw.”

Ideal for sheet metal to thin plate cutting, auto body, farm & ranch, HVAC, plumbing and contractor work, this machine is truly revolutionary. In addition, the Forney Easy Weld 20 P is optimal for metalworking projects. This benefit is debuted in a video featuring Gabby, a Welding Technician at Forney, cutting out a flower that she designed. This simple to use technology can allow anyone to cut artistic designs from an array of metal by either drawing free hand, or by using one of the plasma cutting templates featured on Forney’s Pinterest Page!

Forney Industries’ top of the line customer service ensures that every question will be answered. Forney offers a one-year warranty for the Forney Easy Weld 20 P, and excellent technical support to handle any issue with the utmost importance by trained professionals.

For more information about the Forney Easy Weld 20 P, and the rest of Forney’s welding and metalworking products, visit or call 1-800-521-6038 to speak to a trained customer service representative.

Forney Industries is one of America’s oldest family-owned, welding and metalworking product companies. Founded in 1932, the company began with the invention of the instant heat soldering iron and introduced the first publicly available arc welder in the mid-1930s. Today, the company offers around 5,000 products serving the automotive, hardware, farm & ranch, industrial and do-it-yourself markets. Headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, Forney Industries delivers products to all 50 states through its extensive customer service network. Forney Industries is committed to providing the best product mix and most personal support services available today.

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