DeckWise® Ipe Clip® Extreme® Hidden Deck Fastener System

Deckwise Ipe Clip

The DeckWise® Ipe Clip® Extreme® Hidden Deck Fastener System features a Quick & Easy installation process because all the work is done from the top-side of the deck so there is no need to stand on your head during the installation of the deck. The installation process is made even more simple because Ipe Clip® Extreme® Hidden Deck Fasteners automatically set a 3/32″ [2,38 mm] gap spacing between the installed deck boards. No gap space measuring is needed when you choose Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fastening systems.

Deckwise Ipe Clip

The reason Ipe Clip® Extreme® Hidden Deck Fasteners set a smaller gap between deck boards than Ipe Clip® ExtremeKD® Hidden Deck Fasteners is because different decking materials require different gap spacing. For example air dried decking material will tend to contract on its width more than kiln dried material so a smaller gap space between boards is required. Ipe Clip® Extreme® Hidden Deck Fasteners are installed with one side of the decking board free to contract and expand on its width as needed.

  • Automatically spaces deck boards at 3/32″ (2,4mm)
  • Manufactured from polypropylene with stainless steel black oxide insert
  • For use with air dried hardwood, composite, or PVC decking
  • Allows for expansion of width of air dried hardwoods
  • Allows movement of length with composite/PVC decking
  • Unique design allows for more tolerance in grooved side profile while increasing hold-down area
  • UV resistant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Do It Once, Do It Right, Do It Out Of Sight!™

Ipe Clip® Hidden Fastener Kit ordering may have special variations in quantities such as 100 count and 175 count boxes. Order your decking screws in your desired screw length, matching color or style.

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