DeckWise® Hardwood Wrench Jr.™

Hardwood Wrench JR

Builders and contractors enjoy tools that are specifically designed for a job and when it comes to minimizing job-site time, they turn to the DeckWise® tool line! Deck installers and contractors know our original Hardwood Wrench is the beefiest, most stout deck board bending tool on the market! DeckWise® has scaled down the Hardwood Wrench to a “junior” size for the DIYer, weekend warrior, and Pro deck builder.

Even the most seasoned deck installer knows how grueling it can be when wrangling bent and warped deck boards into submission. Especially when it’s a one-man show or a weekend project! This is where its multidirectional components and multiconfiguration features save the day. A must have in every tool box!

The uncomplicated design of the Hardwood Wrench Jr. fashions it as one of the most innovative board straighteners ever created. Its simplicity results in a lightweight, economical deck board tool making it a valiant contender bending unruly hardwoods, thermal woods, pressure treated, and composites.

Hands Free Board Fastening!

  1. Rotating Cam Locks-in Boards
  2. Up to 1,100 lbs. of Pushing Force
  3. Solid Steel Pins Grab Joists Tight
  4. Multi-Directional Capabilities
  5. Right or Left Hand Operation
  6. Reversible Handle for Tight Spaces
  7. Adjustable for Single and Double Joist

hardwood wrench jr


The Hardwood Wrench Jr is the perfect tool for DIYers and weekend warriors who want to build their dream deck with less frustration and more efficiency. It’s lightweight, durable, and affordable. It will save you time and money on your next deck project.

Don’t let warped boards ruin your deck installation. Get the Hardwood Wrench Jr from Deckwise and see the difference for yourself!

You can order online from the official website or find a dealer near you from this page.

Congrats to the winners of our recent Tool of the Month giveaway!! Winners of  the Hardwood Wrench Jr. Deck Board Straightening Tools were:

S. Wetherington- Jasper, FL

K. Gilmer- Tribune, KS

M. Swindell– Folsom, CA

C. Willingham- Gray, GA

W. Matraw- Essex Junction, VT

F. Rummel- Three Forks, MT



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